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Ego Lawn Mower Review

We bought our Ego mower, not because it was electric, but for something completely different altogether.

Before we began searching for a lawnmower, we hired a landscaping company to cut our grass. Not because we’re lazy, in fact quite the opposite, but because Stephanie and I are extremely busy. Although life as an influencer may seem like a breeze, we’re also committed to our day jobs, our family, and, well, we like to travel. So, mowing the lawn was something we liked to outsource, especially because we have a great friend who owns a lawn care business. It was all working out great until we decided to buy a new home.

I know what you’re thinking. What does buying a new home have to do with firing our lawn guy? SPACE! Our yard sits elevated above the neighboring properties, requiring a 5′ rock wall that separates the front and backyard on the west side. One the East, we have an 9′ wide RV pad where we park our 8.5′ wide RV. So, we had limited options to get a mower into the backyard, and we definitely can’t make way for the commercial mowers that our friend uses.

We contemplated a few options. One, buying a second mower that would live in the backyard. Two, make a ramp to push a mower up and over the 5′ rock wall. Three, hook up and move the trailer every week throughout the summer when we mow. Four, take the mower through the kitchen passing through the back patio. We didn’t like our options, until… We came across the Ego Lawn mower that just so happened to be electric.

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As you see from the video, we purchased the Ego Lawn Mower because of the convenient size and portability. It can collapse down, and since there’s no gas to be spilled it can be stored sideways, vertically, upside down, or whatever.

Now, since we’ve been using the Ego Mower for a year now, we’re not going back to gas. In fact, we bought the EGO weed whacker as well.

In a world of new coming electric devices, EGO crafted a perfect group of products.

So as you’re looking to replace your older gas yard equipment, we recommend taking a closer look at EGO Power tools: 

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